Monday 2 July 2012

Rogue Trader Orks: Work in Progress

Finally, after much searching, I have located some original Rogue Trader miniatures from amongst my lead mountain. I've been busy with goblins and wolf riders recently and wanted to get those units complete before I moved on to pastures new. 

Obviously, my main focus is Warhammer but I am keen to build up two small skirmish forces for Rogue Trader as quickly as possible. As I have said, these will be two small units of models; probably 12 orks and 12 space marines- preferably all metal models. 

I have three ork models to work on and I intend to spend a little more time on these than I do with the Warhammer Models, so work will be much slower here. Even so, I have got cracking with a Ork Champion (when they were still called these things in 40k) and two standard orks. 

 An Ork Champion according to the tab. I'm not sure what he is armed with; a power weapon of some kind I think. Lovely sculpt though and full of character.

These two orks were released with the Space Ork set in 1987, so are thoroughbred early Rogue Trader classics before the clans etc were worked out and published. Whiffs of WW2 predominate with these models.

The state of play as of today. I have started the Champion and must say I am really enjoying taking my time and painting him up. The colour scheme (flesh wise) is my standard for an ork though with the rag tag clothing and armour I am going to go a bit 'mid 80s mad' and have a plethora of different colours. 

I tend to work on these models as I wait for washes and layers to dry on my Warhammer projects so things will be slow. How do you think I am doing so far?



  1. Very cool. You're making me want to hunt down some old GW stuff too and have a go...

  2. That looks great. When you're looking at the bare lead, the older figures sometimes can look flat and featureless, but you've managed to bring out the detail and character in this one. I also approve of the late-80's minty green of the Ork's skin.