Friday, 25 January 2013

New Rogue Trader Blog: Classic40k and some other bits and bobs...

Pete Lloyd has recently launched a new blog concerning Oldhammer 40,000! Its looking promising already, and he hopes to discuss both Rogue Trader and the (almost) equally loved 2nd Edition.

Here's the link...

Inspired by his old school orcs, I had a quick splash around with some Citadel Colour and started painting my second Rogue Trader model...

Here's a WIP

I have also received my first Rogue Trader Realm of Chaos models... Four chaos renegades with heavy weapons and a Slaanesh marine/champion. Obviously, they have gone straight in the stripping agent. As soon as they are cleaned up, I'll have them up here for your viewing pleasure. I intend to do a small force of Slaaneshi renegades to act as an antidote to the Khornate army I am currently painting for 3rd Edition Warhammer, so expect lots of titillating pink and bilious green to come.


  1. yay! I love those orks! only got a few myself (definitely not painted as well though)
    need re-basing as I used them in gorkamorka on the smaller bases for that...
    really look forward to seeing the renegades photographs once painted =)

  2. 2nd Ed was the last time I played a game of 40k. :)

    Ork looks lovely too.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Love those Orks! They're part of my own WH40K-growing-up. They're full of flavour! Nice! I'm eager to see more...

  4. Thanks for posting the link! I love the paint job on the Ork. The flesh coloured lip is authentic old school. I have never seen anyone make a chaos warband for rogue trader so I'm looking forward to seeing you build it.

  5. Hey Orlygg you might be interested in my new blog I am going to eventually upload photos of my massive RT miniature collection.

  6. Hi. Do you know if Pete Lloyd's removed his blog as I can't get that link to work unfortunately? Cheers.

  7. Loving the blog,I too am a massive rogue trader minitures fan, they take me back to a youth of plastic glue and bad paintjobs. I've recently managed to take home a couple of best army awards with my own rogue trader marine army, if you get a chance check my army out and give me some feedback.

  8. such a shame that as of Feb 2015 he's pulled the blog....