Monday, 25 June 2012

Rogue Trader Miniatures, Conversions and Sculpts by Ghola Scale

Well the blog is only several hours old and I have already received my first contribution from the skilled hands of Ghola Scale. Some Rogue Trader goodness to start us off, with some metal marines from the late '80s painted up in the colours of the Ultra-marines. A simple scheme of blue and bolt gun works well against the sandy ochres of the bases. 

The last thing a mutant would see in the harsh universe of the 41st Millennium. 

I love this sculpt and have been looking out for it on eBay for a while. Its the beaky helmet hanging from the belt that interests me - a lovely little detail. 

Two heavy weapons old school style. That is a very big gun you have their Mr Marine!

As is appropriate for old school Rogue Trader is the need to customize and establish that this is a degradied universe. Not every marine is going to be armed with a bolter. Ghola Scale has messed around with some sculpting (these are quite old, harking back to the early '90s) to arm a few troopers with AK-47s and converted bolters.

Looks like the old drybrush job here. They were the days; base coat, drybrush, base and then game! At least that AK is unlikely to jam even in the harsh and hostile alien environments these marines have to fight in!

Stock added here along with the leather strap. Ghola made these from strips of paper- looks pretty effective, eh? I will have to have a go at this myself.

Messing around with kits, or 'kit-bashing' to the uninitiated, is great fun. Your imagination can really run riot. Here we have one of the classic plastic skeleton horde miniatures customed up with some odds and ends. This model makes me think of plenty of scenario ideas. No army lists in sight either.

Perhaps this is the Emperor during a weekend break from the Golden Throne?

Over the years, our friend Ghola became much more proficient with the old sculpting. He moved on from rifles to rare and exotic alien creatures, namely an AMBULL! Now readers of my Warhammer Blog will know that the Ambull is one of my wants, how can I persuade Ghola to send one of these in the post? Any ideas? What a fantastic job and, in my view, this is better than the original. 

I wonder how long it took toe sculpt this? I am hopeless with the green stuff and would love to have the skill to produce something like this! I wouldn't need to use eBay so much for starters!

Here is a scale shot against one of the metal marines. Fantastic work there. I want one!

Well these images are just the tip of the iceburg for what Ghola has posted on his blog. If you are interested in seeing more (and I really recommend that you do) follow the link below.



  1. I think this blog and I are gonna get on just fine...

  2. Cheers Man! Thanks for the exposure! Viva Rogue Trader!

  3. That's some great sculpting! I want one!!