Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dark Technologies: Chapter Approved Arrives On A Jetbike!

The First Ever Chapter Approved! WD 96
 Long time no type! Such is the nature of the Warp I suppose, its malignant influence prevents the miniature enthusiast from doing what he does best - painting and gaming with classic Citadel miniatures, especially those from the Rogue Trader period.

That is exactly what FightingFantasist has gone and done. He's only gone and played 'The Battle at the Farm'  and gone and written an excellent battle report about it. And to top that, there is only a piece of scenery made out of a shower gel bottle! Old school through and through.

 Follow the link and check it out!


Issue 46 of White Dwarf saw the launch of a series of articles that many 40k longbeards remember with a fanatical fondness- I speak, of course, about Chapter Approved. Its concept was explained in typical style by Rick Priestley at the beginning of the article (read the pdf here) and to paraphrase the series was designed to 'explain loads of new stuff, fluff and miniatures relating to Rogue Trader'.

The first subject was a new Jet-Bike designed by Bob Naismith. The Mk14 'Bullock'- hmm? I wonder why they dropped that name, eh? The article goes on to provide background about the vehicle, including an amusing 'in game' test report by a pilot by the name of John Blank (who looks surprisingly like a certain head of art) as well as full rules and background.

Additionally, the Raven Wing are introduced. With an interesting piece of fluff that expands on the Horus Heresy (as it was known in 1987) and even incorporates the chapter of the Dark Angels into the fluff set up for the Crimson fists and New Rynn City. Major characters of the Dark Angels are also introduced and their bike configurations are given. Psyker rules are also expanded on.
The MK14 Mechanicus Armories Jet-Cycle 'Bullock'. Is it me, of does the Dark Angel on the back of the beast resemble Maniac from Mayhem? Obviously, Norwegian Black Metal was still big in the 41st Millennium. 

Further releases for the early Imperial Army range. 
Here we have more troopers for the, now extensive, range of Imperial Army troops. There are some lovely, and other not so lovely, sculpts here. My favourites? Trooper Jones with the ork head, Sniper Lang and Female Trooper Vaskez. I'm not a fan of the grey colour scheme though. I much prefer the expanded and developed Imperial Guard that came in later years. With many elements of this release shared with that range, it would be easy to paint these classics up in the black jacket and urban colour scheme design.

Jet-Cycle models were designed to fit the plastic space marine. The article also saw the arrival of the infamous Christmas marines! Sadly, no rules or fluff were provided for them!
Hmmm? I wonder if I can get hold of these Christmas Marines specially for Christmas 2012? I used to own them back in the day but foolishly flogged them for pittance.

You live and learn, I suppose!.