Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dioramadrama: Vignettes from Golden Demon 1990

Welcome once more to my spin off blog all about Rogue Trader! I've been pretty busy over the last few days getting everything ready for baby number two to arrive on Friday but I have still managed to scan the final Citadel Fantasy Miniatures book for your enjoyment. The Warhammer related stuff has, of course, been posted on

Today I want to share with you my favourite dioramas from that publication. I am sure that you will agree that they are full of inspiration and probably get your fingers twitching for some quality paint brush action (or a little squalid late night eBay affair). If your interested in checking out the book in detail, just follow the link below.

First up, this homage to David Gallagher's cover painting for the Space Marine Paint Set. What a brilliant piece of work. All the details from the original picture are present (including the bullets) and that flag is a great example of freehand painting. The base is also very interesting; the way D. Woods has used marbles to support the plinth and then paint them as little planets in very original. 

Two mini dioramas here. The first, with the Ultramarines is a brilliant piece of composition. The flags are well executed and the neutral tones of the base help highlight the electric blue of the marines themselves. I love the little detail of the wounded marine pointing out some danger- perhaps the perp to took the shot at him in the first place? The second piece showcases the early terminators produced around the time of publication. Grey Knights by the look of them, lead by a well paint inquisitor in terminator armour. Good job!
My favourite Rogue Trader diorama in the book. Look at the colour on that background. Wonderful style of painting on those models isn't it? Again, more inquisitors explore some chaos polluted hulk in the depths of darkest space. 

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