Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rogue Trader Ork Champion Finished!

My first Rogue Trader miniature is complete! And here he is in all his glory. I spent a little longer working on this model than I would have done for a Warhammer one and I thoroughly enjoyed  it! I tinker a bit here and there as I work on my chariot, though this afternoon I found a longer bit of time to finish things off. 

What do the bloggers think?

 I used the same method as I always do when painting orks to complete the skin. Plenty of washes ensured that the metal looked a little more like metal. One of my focus areas for painting is improving the way I produce steel, iron and bronze and I really enjoyed trying to improve the representation of these materials. 
 As has become customary, a rear view shot. Another personal improvement was the way I paint fur. I used a red/brown mix as a base, washed over with a dark brown ink before highlighting with bronze flesh and white. It was quick and easy a produced good results. 
 Top down shot to show off base. Nice and simple. Painted yellow. Chestnut wash over the top. Once dry I mixed yellow inks, orange inks and dark brown inks. Again, when the inks were dry, I drybrushed with flesh and white. A Bestial brown coat tidied up the base. 
 Now that I have finished an ork, I suppose it is time to try my hand at a Space Marine. Last year, when I grew sick of the state of GW generally, I kind of imagined myself never painting a marine again. They just got so, so dull to paint. With RT metals though, every marine is an individual so things should be much more interesting. 
Rear view shot of the next model, note that I have an original metal backpack on there rather than the later plastic one!

Now then, which chapter shall I choose?



  1. Sweeeeet. I'm seeing a lot of RT otks about at the mo. Lovely job.

    I vote Firehawks. Howzat for a challenge, find them if you can!

  2. Very nice, well done. Something that's helped me with my GW-bleh stages (which are frequent) is to build up a nice bits box, especially of the plastics; you can really go to town and make everything completely unique and represent your personal vision of the setting.

  3. Spending more time painting the RT chaps, eh? I vote Rainbow Warriors!

    1. Funny you should say that! I have just decided to paint my RT Marines Rainbow Warriors for a variety of reasons!

      Great minds and all that?

  4. Great minds definitely think alike - as soon as I heard mention of chapters I thought of the Rainbow warriors.

    Should I ever get round to collecting RT stuff again I'd like to put together some kind of mercenary force of Space marines and other ne'er-do-wells - inspired by that little illustration of two space marines sat at a table in a bar. Each marine would have to have totally personalised armour with amusing slogans of course!

    Never worked out how they would take a drink with a power fist on though...

    The Ork looks fabulous by the way.

  5. I say, do your own chapter! If (and that's a bloomin' big IF) I ever get back into 40K I'll do a chapter of my own.

    The ork is indeed great, worthy of the 'Eavy Metal pages back in the days! Like the simple no frills base too! I tried doing that for my plastic WHFB dwarfs, but ended up adding adding static grass. =(

  6. That ork looks great, well done on your first ever 40K mini